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Healthy Habits


A pediatric dentist is trained to treat infants, children, adolescents, and the mentally handicapped. Pediatric dentistry is designed to teach children healthy dental habits, while ensuring that all of our patients get the in depth care they need. Our team provides tips for proper brushing and flossing, custom fluoride therapy, in-office sedation, nutritional counseling, play based desensitization, behavioral modification, decay preventing sealants, and positive reinforcement to ensure our littlest patients leave with a beautiful and healthy smile on their face.

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Why Should a Child See a Pediatric Dentist by age 1?

  • One out of four children develop tooth decay by age 3. – U.S. Attorney General
  • Improper bottle use and over-use of sippy cups increase the risk for dental decay and childhood obesity.
  • Childhood Tooth Decay is absolutely preventable with proper dental care and regular visits to your dentists.
  • Visit the pediatric dentist by age one and avoid creating unnecessary “fear” of the dentist later due to anxiety from the experience. Pick your dentist carefully as to be sure that they are well equipped to handle the dental requirements of your child.
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