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How Sealants Protect Your Child's TeethPediatric Dentistry

How Sealants Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Dental cavities are very common among children, but they don’t have to be. There are many ways that you can help your child avoid cavities. Demonstrating proper brushing technique and a good dental care routine for your child is important, but that alone may not be enough to prevent cavities…
August 2, 2021
fun details about the tooth fairyPediatric Dentistry

Fun Details About the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is a popular mythological creature who has inspired countless children from multiple generations to care for their teeth. There are many things your child can learn from the tooth fairy about oral hygiene and the changes happening to their mouth as they lose their baby teeth and…
May 3, 2021
should your teen see a pediatric dentistPediatric Dentistry

Should Your Teen See a Pediatric Dentist?

If you’ve been taking your child to the dentist since an early age, they’ve probably already visited a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist. But now that your child is becoming older and has their adult teeth, you may be wondering, should your teen see a pediatric dentist, or…
April 1, 2021
How To Care For Baby TeethPediatric Dentistry

How To Care for Baby Teeth

It’s common to think that because baby teeth will eventually fall out, they’re not that important, but the health of primary teeth in childhood can have a big impact on the health of permanent teeth in adulthood. Learning to care for baby teeth is especially important because the oral hygiene…
March 1, 2021
Does My Child Need A Root CanalPediatric Dentistry

Does My Child Need a Root Canal?

If your child’s tooth has become infected or damaged, you may have heard the term “root canal.” You may be wondering, “Does my child need a root canal? Don’t baby teeth just fall out anyway?” While it’s true that baby teeth will fall out eventually, protecting your child’s mouth from…
February 1, 2021
Dental Hygiene for KidsPediatric Dentistry

Dental Hygiene for Kids

Helping your kids maintain great dental hygiene is a tough task, but dental hygiene for kids is still an important part of parenting little ones, and you can do it! Be Diligent Starting when they’re small, wipe their gums with a soft washcloth after feeding. As they grow, involve them…
June 1, 2020
When Should You Go to a Pediatric Dentist?Pediatric Dentistry

When Should You Go to a Pediatric Dentist?

Many parents choose to go to a Pediatrician for their children’s medical care, and a pediatric dentist is no different! They have specific training for developmentally appropriate care, and specifical physical needs of developing children. Here are some reasons you may consider a Pediatric Dentist for your child Specialized Care…
April 1, 2020
7 Tooth Fairy Ideas New and OldPediatric Dentistry

7 Tooth Fairy Ideas New and Old

The Tooth Fairy is a time honored tradition we have loved since 1927 when she first appeared in a stage play. Although she isn’t as trendy as more recognizable fairies, she still holds a special place in many children’s hearts! But as time marches on, sometimes we need ideas to…
February 3, 2020