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Does My Child Need A Root CanalPediatric Dentistry

Does My Child Need a Root Canal?

If your child’s tooth has become infected or damaged, you may have heard the term “root canal.” You may be wondering, “Does my child need a root canal? Don’t baby teeth just fall out anyway?” While it’s true that baby teeth will fall out eventually, protecting your child’s mouth from…
February 1, 2021
Helping Your Child Beat PlaqueDental Care

Helping Your Child Beat Plaque

You may think it is too early to teach your child to care for their teeth, but healthy teeth early in life can be an important step towards healthy teeth in adulthood. The dental care habits developed in childhood are the foundation of the habits that will be practiced throughout…
December 1, 2020
Fluoride and Your ChildDental Health

Fluoride and Your Child

Parenting is a tough job, with many balls to juggle. Each parent has to ensure their child is nurtured, socialized, eats nutritiously, educated well, and sees the doctor regularly. Oral hygiene for kids can be an important priority for parents, but one thing can help keep their teeth strong and…
November 2, 2020
Are Gummy Vitamins Bad for TeethDental Health

Are Gummy Vitamins Bad for Teeth?

We all want the best for our children, and we hope for a relatively easy way to do that. Gummy vitamins seem like a godsend to parents who want to keep children’s diets well rounded and full of nutritious choices. But we all want to know: Are gummy vitamins bad…
October 1, 2020
How to Support Healthy Teeth For KidsOral Health

How to Support Healthy Teeth For Kids

Naturally you want to help your kids learn healthy habits in caring for their smile. So how can you encourage dental hygiene for kids? Here are 5 ways to encourage healthy teeth for kids. 1. Support Healthy Teeth with Healthy Hygiene Taking time to brush and floss properly daily is…
September 1, 2020
Good Oral Health Habits for KidsOral Health

Good Oral Health Habits for Kids

It is universally acknowledged that parents want the best for their kids, and when it comes to dental hygiene, the same is true. Good oral health habits for kids are important to parents because healthy dental habits in childhood can set them up for a lifetime of good dental health.…
August 3, 2020
Teaching Your Child Healthy Brushing Habits The CrocDocOral Health

Teaching Your Child Healthy Brushing Habits

Healthy Brushing habits are just as important for kids as they are for adults, and parents can have the most impact on their child’s lifetime of oral hygiene. So how can you begin teaching your child healthy brushing habits? Teach by Example Be an example of thorough and comprehensive oral…
July 1, 2020
7 Ways to Make Dental Hygiene Fun for KidsDental Hygiene

7 Ways to Make Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

Dental Hygiene is an important part of keeping healthy at all times. But especially now when preventative dental care is suspended while we all stay home to avoid exposure to COVID-19. And while it can be a roller-coaster of many different emotions and experiences staying home as a family during…
May 1, 2020