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parents and kids having lunch togetherOral Health

Nutrition Month: Eating Right Supports Oral Health

Nutrition plays a significant role in oral health. By eating right, you are taking care of your teeth, gums, and mouth as a whole. Plus, by eating at the proper times, you can have a positive impact on your oral health too. In recognition of National Nutrition Month, here is…
The CrocDoc
March 13, 2019
Boy sipping a soda bottlePediatric Dentistry

Summer Soda Pop Woes

Lesson 1: Summer time + hot weather= lots of yummy treats and drinks Yummy treats + drinks= SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR= Bad Bacteria Bugs that eat holes in your teeth (Ewww!!) We don’t want holes in our teeth, right? Does that mean that we have to say “goodbye”…
The CrocDoc
February 25, 2019