We have patience for little patients!

Pediatric Dentistry, Sedation & Special Needs Dental Care

Welcome to Croc Doc! Our team is dedicated to taking excellent care of all of our patients. We are experienced and understand the dental care needs of infants, children, adolescents and special needs individuals alike. By focusing on the comfort and experience that the child is having, we hope to make your child enjoy their trip to the Dentist. We are well versed in the fields of sedation dentistry, which often helps our patients escape any anxiety about dental procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our little patients often require more of our grown up patience to ensure that they get the thorough dental care that they need to maintain healthy. We use many different techniques including sedation dentistry, positive reinforcement, patience, and understanding to help our patients have both a positive and educational experience. Learn more

Sedation Dentristry

It is difficult to approach dental visits with a positive attitude when you may be anticipating a painful dental procedure. For this reason we utilize sedation dentistry to minimize the pain involved with the procedure, and to eliminate anxiety about the visit. Our office is designed to provide a fun and comfortable environment for our patients; it is our hope to have children look forward to going to the dentist. Learn more

Special Needs Dentistry

At Croc doc we focus on providing the best of care to all of our patients, paying especially close attention to our patients with special needs. Many patients with special needs exhibit behaviors that can negatively impact their oral health, but with regular visits to the dentist you can diagnose the negative behavior to hopefully curb or reverse it. Learn more

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